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The vascular plant collection of the NHMO DNA Bank contains close to 100 000 objects, representing 65 000 individual plants belonging to about 3000 species. The collection includes DNA extracts and dried tissue samples, with corresponding vouchers deposited in the general NHMO herbarium. Most samples are potentially available for loan; those are shown here.

The collection holds the reference material used to build taxonomic DNA metabarcoding libraries to identify species from modern and ancient environmental DNA1,2,3, and the reference material used for meta-analyses of genetic diversity in the Arctic4,5,6.

A brief summary of object types and their taxonomical and geographical distribution is presented in Overview.

1 Nature 506, pp. 47-51; 2 Molecular Ecology Resources 10, pp. 1009-1018; 3 Conservation Biology 28, pp. 446–455; 4 Science 316, pp. 1606-1609; 5 Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences 279, pp. 2042-2051; 6 New Phytologist 200, pp. 898–910.

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About the collection
The collection was built up from the 1990s in connection with expeditions to remote parts of the world. Most samples originate from the circumpolar Arctic and various alpine regions, in particular the highest mountains of East Africa and Ethiopia, collected as part of projects in the Plant Evolution and DNA Metabarcoding Research Group (PET).

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For requests for loans of genetic samples, please see the guidelines of the DNA bank.

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